Employment at ASB


Green Valley Campus Job Positions (Lasted updated March 9, 2021)


1.    Elementary Learning Support

  • ASBGV is looking for a qualified learning support teacher to help within the Elementary school. Candidates must hold a valid teaching license and must feel comfortable working in a co-teaching environment, planning and supporting the content teachers to help ensure learning is accessible to all students.
  • A minimum of two years of experience is required in a special education setting and candidates must be skilled in differentiation, scaffolding, and modifications based on the individualized needs of the students in the learning support program.
  • Please send a detailed CV and resume to akordprom@asb.ac.th


2    Intensive English Program - Primary Teacher

  • ASBGV is looking for a qualified and experienced EAL teacher to work with primary students (Grades 3-5) with very limited English skills. This position is part of a language program offered for students to gain the skills and confidence they need in order to succeed in an international program. Although the program has various components, this specific position would only focus on building student's skills in English speaking, grammar, listening, reading, and writing. The teaching candidate must feel comfortable in differentiation and working with small groups of students across grade levels.
  • Candidates must hold valid teaching credentials and at least a Bachelor's degree.
  • Please send a detailed CV and resume to akordprom@asb.ac.th

Sukhumvit Campus Job Positions (Lasted updated April 29, 2021)

Teaching Position(s):

Job Descriptions - The American School of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Campus is seeking:

ES/MS Counselor 

Professional Expectations
● Implement a proactive counseling program that actively involves students, teachers and parents to remove barriers for students to fulfill their potential with Students
● Be actively involved with students through regular classroom SEL lessons on a rotational basis to enhance social and emotional growth and understanding
● Provide individual and small group counseling for students identified as having emotional, social or academic challenges
● Worth closely with the Admissions Department to provide support to students transitioning in to, within, or out of ASB
● Be available as a go-to person for students if they are feeling upset or in need of support with parents
● Provide parent education workshops as part of the counseling team which reflect the needs of the ASB community
● Communicate and work closely with parents regarding counseling support
● Provide referrals to community services as needed with staff
● Attend various grade-level meetings to discuss student issues and to implement programs aimed at supporting the child’s learning and development
● Coordinate Student Support Team (SST) meetings
● Work collaboratively with other student support personnel (SST) to address individual student needs and act as case manager when designated
● Coordinate communications with parents and faculty on related matters, conducting individual appointments when necessary and making presentations as needed
● Engage in professional collaboration with team members and across the school counseling department

● Perform duties in accordance with the ASB’s Child Safeguarding Policy and ASB’s Staff Handbook
● Take part in professional development activities, including during in-service days and activities
● Complete school duties as defined by the school's leadership for the designated role (i.e - detention facilitation)
● Maintain and train staff on school-wide crisis protocols
● Other duties as needed

Head of Department and Biology Specialist.

The successful candidate will possess the following education and skills:
• Lead by example and uphold exceptional professional standards in teaching and student learning
• Exhibit strong pedagogical knowledge aligned with latest research in best practice
• Uphold Academic Rigor, Academic Urgency, and Experiential Learning in the Science classroom
• Make & check weekly lesson plans in accordance with Next Generation Science Standards
• Conduct regular Science Department walkthroughs and feedback sessions
• Hold monthly Science Department meetings and biweekly Professional Learning meetings
• Check completion, revision, and alignment of Science Department Curriculum Maps
• Regularly complete Science resource purchasing
• Continue to contribute to the development of the Science Department and Science Program

AP Biology Specialist
• Bachelor in Science or equivalent
• Certified teacher with a recognized teaching license
• Certified AP or IBDP teacher in the Biological Sciences
• Ability to continue to lead a strong science program
• Strong pedagogical knowledge aligned with latest research in best practice
• Ability to uphold professional standards in science teaching and student learning
• Ability to work in a dynamic and creative work environment
• Mastery of educational technological tools