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Sukhumvit Job Positions (Lasted updated December 16 , 2019)

Interested candidates should send inquiries to employment@asb.ac.th  


Sukhuimvit Principal (Nursery - Grade 12)

Department: Academic

For 2020-2021 School Year

Reports to: Directors and the Management Team

ASB-SK Principal Job Description

Academic-Related Responsibilities

1.    Assist in improving the academic standards of the school.

2.    Ensure that the expected schoolwide learning results are being carried out with department heads and Curriculum Coordinator. 

3.    Develop and implement, with faculty assistance, programs to promote innovative and active students success by the use of projects work, hands-on experience, etc. 

4.    Ensure that students have all the necessary/sufficient materials (textbooks, technological equipment, etc) to function in the academic program

5.     Use data to drive academic programs of the school in maintaining the standardized testing program. Support Student Support Services team to ensure that appropriate interventions are in place and results are in place and reported to parents.

6.    Oversee college guidance program by coordinating with the school counselor to help prepare high quality student portfolios since the junior year and to ensure ALL students are capable of being accepted into universities.  Reports to the Director for progress.

7.    Develop with curriculum coordinator, classes to prepare students for PSAT, SAT, TOEFL and AP test.

Student-Related Responsibilities

1.    Assists the school in retaining students. Increase parental satisfaction on a day to day basis and through 2 surveys a school year, 1 by the end of each semester. Get approval from the Director before survey is sent out and reports to the Director on survey results. 

2.    Implement the student discipline code and make sure that all the students understand thoroughly.

3.   Prepare an effective orientation program for new and returning students at the beginning of each school year (go through student’s handbook) and get approval from the Director.

4.    Implement strenuous measures to encourage the speaking of English among the students.

5.   Collaborate with the Marketing and Admissions team to ensure that enrolment & retainment goals are met. 

Parent-Related Responsibilities

1.    Effectively communicate school policies and practices to the parent community.

2.    Ensure the maximum turnout of parents for school events and communicate the activities of the school by ensuring that all communication channels are utilized consistently and effectively.  (letters, newsletter messages, facebook, line, etc.) 

3.   Resolve all parent-student issues and/or conflict to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved. 

Overall Administrative Responsibilities

1.    Assist the Directors in providing guidance in all school matters.

2.   Follow and enforce school policies in compensation structure for teaching positions, teaching and learning budget allocations, school renovation plans and other school wide policies. 

 3.   Assist the school in the successful implementation of recommendations of WASC criteria for accreditation. 

4. Promote harmonious relationship between all members of the school community by organizing quarterly staff events and PD activities/trainings that promote teamwork/collaboration, school spirit, positive work climate, and collaboration. 

5.   Assist the school in planning and implementing in service-training workshops to enhance and expand teaching skills based on student needs at least 4 times a year. 

6.    Ensure that adequate testing, marking and reporting procedures are carried out in a competent professional manner.

7.    Communicate, by written reports to the Director, all aspects of the school program and activities. Areas to be included in these reports include, but are not limited to:

          a. Teachers’ schedules every semester

          b. Record of teachers’ and student attendance every month

          c. Students’ behavioral and academic reports every month

          d. Minutes of teachers’ meetings (including celebrations on     

           teachers exemplary performance)

          e. Minutes of head of department’s meetings & academic   

              progress of each department 

          f. Teacher walkthrough/observation report 

8.    Must seek approval from the Director if there is a proposal for  any change in school policy manual and handbooks.

9. Ensure that faculty submits grade on time; report cards are generated on time; are neat, clean and includes positive comments on report cards and approve the language used.

10. Initiate teacher recruitment process and interviewing of potential candidates and recommend candidates to the Directors. Final approval and contract offer will be made by the Directors. Non teaching / administrative positions will be recruited by Thai HR officer / Directors. 

11. Meet with all new potential families as coordinated with admissions as part of the admission procedures to help increase enrolment of new students. 

Support School Developmental Initiatives

1.    Assist the Director in fund-raising activities and programs. 

2.    Promote any business projects initiated by the school.

3.    Attend all PR functions and networking events as requested by the Director.



Mindfulness Specialist - Sukhumvit Campus

We are searching for a mindfulness specialist to begin January 7, 2020 or at as close to that time as possible.   The ideal candidate would:

* Be an experienced Elementary school teacher.

* Be versed in mindfulness curricula, preferably Mindful Schools and/or .b.

* Be willing to lead parent sessions in mindfulness and mindful parenting.

* Be able to lead staff professional development in mindfulness.

* In addition to teaching mindfulness to elementary school students, the ideal candidate would continue working with select high school students as well. 



Personal & Academic Counselor (PAC) - HS -Sukhumvit Campus

The start date for this position is January 15, 2020

Seeking a qualified high school social-emotional learning counselor. The ideal candidate would: 

*Provide social and emotional support to high school students in the multi-tiered counseling program

*Be familiar with mindfulness and teaching mindfulness to adolescents

*Collaborate with Multi-tiered System Support (MTSS) team

*Be knowledgeable and provide professional development on Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies

*Serve as a school child protection officer

*Lead Child Protection staff professional development

*Be familiar with CASEL and/or Lions Quest

*Plan and deliver Advisory (SEL and Mindfulness) classes 

*Coordinate community service opportunities and new high school club proposals



Elementary Classroom Teachers - Sukhumvit Campus

Seeking  1st grade,  3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade teachers for 2020-21 School Year.

The ideal candidate would: 

* Collaborate with 1 or 2 other grade-level teachers, an ELL co-teacher, and a learning support co-teacher

* Teach CCSS in reading, writing, math, NGSS using science FOSS kits

* Be knowledgeable in the Reading and Writing Workshop model

* Be knowledgeable in Eureka math curriculum and/or the Singapore methodology

* Be knowledgeable and practiced in establishing clear classroom rules and behavior expectations

* Be knowledgeable and practiced in clearly communicating learning targets grounded in standards



Early Childhood Teacher - Sukhumvit Campus

Seeking 1 nursery and 1 kindergarten teacher. The ideal candidates would:

* Collaborate with grade-level teachers and teaching assistants

* Teach phonics, appropriate reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking

* Be knowledgeable and practiced in Jolly Phonics instruction

* Be knowledgeable and practiced in early years social-emotional development

* Communicate regularly with families

* Observe, assess, record, and frequently report on each child's progress/development



Art Teacher - NK / ES / MS - Sukhumvit Campus

Seeking a qualified art teacher. The ideal candidate would:

*Be knowledgeable and practiced in best practices in elementary school art teaching and learning

*Be knowledgeable in teaching with cultural competence

*Be knowledgeable and practiced in teaching students to apply modern principles of art and elements of design

*Prepare art displays of the learning progression and exhibitions for the school and community

Note: This is mostly an elementary school art position, however, it is possible that this position may be asked to also teach nursery/kindergarten or middle school classes as well. 



Learning Support Teachers: 1 Elementary and 1 High School - Sukhumvit Campus

Seeking 1 elementary and 1 high school learning support (LS) teacher. The ideal candidate would:

*Collaborate with individual students, their teachers and families in order to best provide for and support their learning needs. 

*Create Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) / Learning Support Plans (LSPs) in collaboration with students, teachers, and families.

*Provide differentiated instruction and support services to students enrolled in the LS program.

*Build positive relationships with students and meet the needs of the learning profiles.

*Collaborate with Multi-tiered Support System (MTSS) team to recommend and in some cases provide Response to Intervention (RTI) strategies.

*Coordinate with outside school specialists (e.g. speech pathologist, therapist, nutritionist)

*Provide pastoral care and social support when needed

*Assist with testing modifications



Science Teacher - MS / HS - Sukhumvit Campus

Seeking a qualified science teacher for a combination of middle and high school science courses. The ideal candidate would:

*Be knowledgeable of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

*Have experience teaching General Science (Grade 6) and Integrated Science (Grades 7 & 8)

*Have experience teaching Physical Science (High School)

*Continue the development of  Science for Social Impact (High School)

*Be proficient in classroom technology 

*Be an outstanding classroom practitioner who demonstrates best practices in science education

*Place emphasis on both academic rigor and innovation within a curriculum that caters to the individual needs of all students

*Be enthusiastic, a team player, self-motivated and committed to further professional development

*Have a desire to work hand-in-hand with administration and faculty to uphold science department standards, mission, and vision



English Teacher - HS / AP -Sukhumvit Campus

Seeking a qualified high school English teacher. The ideal candidate would: 

*Be knowledgeable of Common Core State Standards

*Be highly collaborative and able to work in a team setting

*Have experience of teaching AP English Language and Composition

*Be highly adaptable and flexible with regards to scheduling needs

*Have experience working with English language learners

*Work collaboratively with the ELL and LS department to support the needs of all students

*Conduct formative and summative assessments of students' reading, writing, listening, speaking

*Provide frequent assessment feedback

*Be adept at Google technologies (ie. Google Classroom)


All Teaching Posiitons for 2019-20 have been filled.

Interested candidates for future openings can email a letter of interest, resume, a valid teacher's license, and contact information for three references to employment@asb.ac.th  

Applicants must be fully certified in the field to which they are applying and be a native speaker of English from a country where English is the native language.