Let's Sing Together (January 23, 2019)

On January 23rd,  2019, ASB Green Valley hosted a cross cultural event with students and dignitaries from China called, "Let’s Sing Together." It featured performances from Chinese students, followed by an amazing display of talent from ASB Green Valley students, teachers, and parents. The event was attended by families and friends of ASB as well as high ranking dignitaries from both China and Thailand. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, His Excellency Korn Dabbaransi, honored us by presiding over the opening ceremonies.

Students were given the opportunity to see how high ranking officials from both countries were able to come together for a school community event and how these events could foster connections away from school in business and government settings. Our students were able to meet other students and make friendships that if maintained could open doors to future opportunities when they enter the workforce as adults.

ASB students have been fortunate to meet peers from many countries because of the diversity of cultures at our school. But this event gave them an opportunity to meet students from another country that don’t share the International school commonality. It was a chance to truly meet and learn from students that live a very different lifestyle than those of the average ASB student.

From China our guests included: Mr. Kong Hao Zhang, Cousellor of Consular Affairs Section from the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China; Mr. Shang Xin Cai, President of Sing Sian Yer Pao Co. Ltd; Mr. Wichai Kinchong Choi, Senior Vice President of Kasikorn Bank; Mr. Yu Long Chen, Vice President of Sing Sian Yer Pao Co. Ltd; Yingqiaou Guo, Ceo of Sing Sian Yer Pao Co.Ltd; and Mr. Xiaohui Guo, Vice Chairman, and manager of Chinese teachers of Thailand.

This year’s Let’s Sing Together was hosted by Zian Shui Xian. Zian Shui Xian is a famous actress, singer, and producer in Yun Nan Province, China. She was joined on stage by Yufie He, and ASB’s student council president Shanique Lucas. Shanique did a fantastic job keeping up with the two polished professional presenters from China.

The performances began with a variety of songs performed by the students from China. It was all choreographed and students did an incredible job representing China.    

The second half of the show featured talent from The American School of Bangkok. It started with a traditional Thai Northeastern dance performed by our students. One highlight of the evening was grade 12 student, Yoshiki Obata, who joined the dancers on stage to blend his unique style of hip hop dance with this traditional Thai dance.

Our students were not the only ones with talent on display. Our music teacher, Mr. Sean, accompanied grade 9 student, Nattacha (Best) Jiranaraks, in a duet of a Chinese song. Both showed control, and demonstrated a vocal range that impressed everyone in the audience. The harmonies were tight and impressive.

The next act once again featured our students in traditional Thai dress. It was a combination of Thai dance, and a demonstration of Thai sword fighting. The costumes and movement of the dancers made it look like they were floating across the stage. The sword fight was well choreographed, and despite an unexpected broken sword in the battle, our hero came out victorious and unscathed.

ASB mothers, teachers, and kids took over the stage next for a fashion show displaying extravagant Thai costumes. The colours, and lavish outfits, combined with professionally applied makeup made for a true spectacle of Thai history. ASB teacher Heather Webb was particularly good as Pisue Samutr, the Thai Butterfly Giant. Her over the top actions combined with her authentic costume and makeup made for a very entertaining display.

The night finished with ASB music teacher Mr. Jun’s arrangement of the Louis Armstrong classic, “What a Wonderful World”. Mr. Jun’s arrangement added a Chinese musical flavour to an old standard. The choir delivered a flawless performance of the song in English, Chinese, and Thai. The harmonies were spot on. If the choir weren’t enough, there was the addition of an inspiring violin solo by ASB senior Jacharat (Java) Zhang. Java has been playing violin since he was five years old, and his dedication to the violin and endless hours of practice were on full display. It was an amazing performance to cap an extraordinary evening.

This event was broadcast across China and Thailand. ASB students were given a platform to demonstrate their talents to a large audience, and foster relationships with student performers from China. Officials from China who were in attendance were so impressed with the caliber of our students that they offered full scholarships to Universities in China and summer camps for ASB graduates and students.

Congratulations to all our students and staff who worked so hard to pull off this incredible feat. Thank you to the Yunan government of China for joining with ASB in this memorable performance, and we hope we will have a long and fruitful relationship with our new friends from China.