ASB SPORTS Championships 2018 - 2019


The Athletic Program at the American School of Bangkok continues to grow and excel in the Bangkok, Thailand and International communities. Both the Green Valley and Sukhumvit Campuses worked hard in the 2018-2019 school year, entering 43 teams in the Bangkok International Schools’ Athletic Conference (BISAC) at the U11, U13, U15, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels. The ASB Eagles also competed in numerous friendly games against other International schools and Thai schools, and were entered into a number of friendly tournaments each season. We are proud that all of these opportunities have given our student-athletes the chance to grow their athletic, social and emotional abilities. Our great coaches are passionate about athletics but also try to work with players to be respectful and mindful members of the community.

At the U11 level and Varsity / Junior Varsity levels, ASB continued to increase participation numbers substantially. This has allowed each campus to enter individual teams to participate in multiple sports. For example, we were able to enter 4 Tee Ball teams and 3 JV Basketball teams into the BISAC league this year. 

Along with our Eagle Cup golf tournament, ASB hosted a number of new tournaments this year for the first time, hoping to add more opportunities for our student-athletes to showcase their abilities at home. In the fall, Green Valley hosted the U11 Basketball Eagles Friendship, U15 basketball Eagles Friendship and our new annual International Varsity Basketball tournament; the 2019 Ball Till you Fall. In the winter, along with the BISAC Varsity Girls Cup championship, ASB Green Valley also hosted its first friendly Badminton tournament for the U13 level and hosted the first small swim meet at the. Finally, in the spring, ASB hosted the first BISAC Volleyball tournament at the school in many years. 

Our basketball and golf programs once again continued to excel and remain strong with participation numbers but we did also see a lot of growth on our swimming, volleyball, soccer, softball, cross country and track & field teams. With this increased participation ASB was very proud to become much more competitive all around. We sent a much larger team than ever to the cross country meet and all three Track & Field meets. Swimming continues to have a bright future with more swimmers than every participating in more swim meets this year.

ASB won multiple Championships throughout the year and our teams represented the school community at a very high level. Unfortunately all of the BISAC tournaments for the Season 2 U11-JV sports had to be cancelled due to pollution issues. Next year Here is the summary of championships for the academic year 2018 - 2019:

BISAC Championships:

  • Varsity Girls Basketball (Undefeated all season)
  • JV Girls Soccer
  • Golf

Other notable BISAC results:

Varsity Boys Basketball (3rd Place BISAC)

Varsity Girls Softball (3rd Place BISAC)

Varsity Boys Softball (4th Place BISAC)

Track and Field:

ASB ended up winning 3rd place in BISAC for the Women's, Men's and Combined competition!  ASB Athletes won numerous medals including the following:

Keisharna - Gold medal Long Jump, Gold medal Triple Jump, Silver medal 100m Dash, Silver medal 400m Dash,  Silver medal 4x100m relay, Bronze 4x400m relay

Shanique- Gold medal 100m Dash, Gold medal 200m Dash, Silver medal 4x100m relay, Bronze medal Triple Jump, Bronze medal 4x400m relay

Kaye -  Silver medal 4x100m relay, Bronze medal 4x400m relay

Julia - Silver medal 4x100m relay, Bronze medal 4x400m relay

Mila - Silver medal Discus throw, Bronze medal 4x100m relay

Jeffrey - Bronze medal 4x100m relay

Yohei - Bronze medal 4x100m relay

Dino - Bronze medal 4x100m relay

In the U13-U15 event New, competing in his first Track event took home the Bronze medal in the Javelin and in the U11 event Alex also throwing the Javelin for the first time came home with a Silver medal!

Cross Country: Shanique Lucas finished with the 2nd best time in BISAC

Tournament Championships:

BTYF Varsity Basketball Tournament

Varsity Boys Basketball Champions

Varsity Girls Basketball Champions

BISP Phuket

Varsity Boys Basketball Champions

Varsity Girls Basketball Champions

Hong Kong International School Holiday Basketball Tournament

Varsity Girls Basketball Champions - 3rd straight

Far East Basketball Championships Japan

Varsity Girls Basketball Champions (D1) - 3rd Straight